Vernon Twenty Dollar Manuscript

Vernon $20 Manuscript

Author/Originator: Dai Vernon and Faucett Ross
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Dai Vernon
The Professor, Dai Vernon.

First published in 1932 by Dai Vernon and Faucett Ross under the title, "Ten Card Problems," it became known as "The $20 Manuscript." It was later published under the title, $25 Dee-Vee Manuscript. It was perhaps the most sought after card magic manuscript of the 20th century. Once you see the material, you'll know why! It's filled with outstanding early Vernon card miracles.

  • Vernon Five Card Mental Force
  • Vernon Miracle Card Location with Club Version
  • Vernon Super Card Prediction
  • Vernon Poker Demonstration
  • Vernon Super Count Down
  • Vernon Automatic Second Deal
  • Slow Motion Card Vanish
  • The Vernon Card Puzzle
  • The Vernon Four Aces
  • The Vernon Card Divination

Completely re-typeset, 24 pages.

Also available... Dai Vernon's Lecture Notes.

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