Air Tight Prediction

Air Tight Confabulation Prediction

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Incredible confabulation magic, as seen at Mel Mellers' Blackpool lecture!

Now you can perform one of today's hottest mentalism effects with ease! Introducing the Air Tight Prediction from - a Confabulation magic effect (themed multiple prediction). The presentation we provide lets various audience members choose different features of their dream vacation; however they could just as easily be asked to build their dream house, describe their dream car, etc. The random answers they provide are ultimately discovered to match those written on your prediction slip - a slip which was sealed inside a balloon and held by an audience member since the beginning of the presentation.

Consider these key points...

  • The Air Tight Prediction is a one-man effect
  • No shills or assistants
  • No forces, psychological or otherwise
  • No carbons or image transfers
  • No Swami gimmicks or nail writing
  • No suspicious or extra pen movements, or awkward pauses

Plus, get this...the balloon is popped and the billet is opened and read by your volunteers from the audience without your "help." We're confident you'll find this handling is one of the cleanest and most direct versions of this unfathomable effect available. 12 pages, illustrated.

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