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Keep your audience laughing! Jokes, routines, one-liners, ad-libs, situational comedy, and patter for magicians and mentalists.

Gags Routines and Patter by Sid Lorraine

Gags, Routines and Patter $6.00 PDF

This classic Sid Lorraine booklet contains hundreds of funny, tongue-in-cheek lines with many that can be applied to almost any trick or used to enhance humor in various performance situations. In addition to patter for many standard club and kid...

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More Patter by Sid Lorraine

More Patter $6.00 PDF

One of the highlights of this 1950 compilation of funny business is Sid Lorraine's excellent, ultra clean handling for Kling Klang (Sucker Silk to Egg), Snake Basket, Six Card Repeat, Milk Pitcher, A Knot Routine...

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Comedy Mentalism I

Nelson's Comedy Mentalism I $7.00 PDF

Nelson's first book of comedy mentalism includes routines and bits of business from The Amazing Maurice, Alan Milan, Karrell Fox, George Johnstone, Sid Lorraine, North Bigbee, and others. Plus, a complete spoof on a two-person...

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Comedy Mentalism II

Nelson's Comedy Mentalism II $7.00 PDF

You'll find a wealth of comedy mentalism routines and ideas in this publication from 1962. Contributors to this second, standalone volume include Dr. Faust (David Hoy), Senator Crandall, Gerald Kosky, Sid Lorraine, Dave Dowds...

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Comedy Mentalism III

Nelson's Comedy Mentalism III $8.00 PDF

Published in 1963, this is the third and final installment of Nelson's popular Comedy Mentalism series. Contributors to this volume include Karrell Fox, The Amazing Maurice, Gerald Kosky, Dave Dowds, Sid Lorraine...

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Dr. Chang KneeSlappers

Dr. Chang KneeSlappers $5.00 PDF

A collection of about 200 solid, audience-tested comedy one-liners by Russel Glover first released in the mid-1970s. Glover, who was a successful comedy magician...

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Routinely Funny

Routinely Funny $7.00 PDF

In this new compilation, we bring you some of the funniest material in the business - updated and routined for over a dozen popular tricks used by club, banquet and kid show magicians. Complete "beginning to end" comedy presentations for over a dozen...

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Routinely Funny II

Routinely Funny II $7.00 PDF

In this second volume, it is a real pleasure to bring you more patter for over a dozen tricks, along with perhaps the funniest two-person burlesque mindreading routine ever created. All of these lines with the exception of some modest updates come from...

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Jolt - Comedy Electric Chair Routine

Jolt - Comedy Electric Chair Routine $6.00 PDF

Without doubt one of the funniest and most entertaining routines you can put into any magic program. The famous Italian illusionist, Chefalo, used it in his full evening show for nearly half a century and it was the item his audiences talked about long after...

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Dr. Q Hypnotic Act

Dr. Q's Hypnotic Act $5.00 PDF

Used by many top pros over the years, this outstanding pseudo hypnotic act utilizes cold cueing to encourage subjects on stage to follow your commands without genuine hypnosis. Even so, your audience will credit you with amazing hypnotic powers and talk...

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