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Create the impression that you can read minds. Imagine meeting someone for the very first time and being able to reveal not only some of their innermost thoughts, but details of personal events yet to come.

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Create the impression that you can read minds. Imagine meeting someone for the very first time and being able to reveal not only some of their innermost thoughts, but details of personal events yet to come. It appears to be nothing less than a genuine demonstration of extrasensory perception, ESP. This is the power of cold reading - a process used by professional psychics, mind readers, fortunetellers, intuitive counselors and guides, and mentalists. In our exclusive, best-selling book, Tradecraft, you'll learn how to harness this power to entertain your clients. Today's audiences love ESP entertainment, which is why so many of today's top professionals have already acquired this important skill. Now you can, too. All you have to do is follow the information and simple techniques outlined in this guide.

  • Forget the expensive canned scripts.
  • Forget the over generalized guides, which still leave you in the dark after you've read or listened to them.
  • Forget the courses which only show you how to mimic someone else's technique.

ESP entertainment is hot and your act will be, too!
Let's face it. While most audiences enjoy watching good magic and mentalism. There's one thing they still enjoy even more...hearing more about themselves! And that's what cold reading is all about. Only our concise "how-to" manual, Tradecraft, takes you step-by-step through the process of developing YOUR OWN cold reading abilities - from gaining a solid grasp of the underlying scientific principles at work to the practical application of specific methods and techniques. Plus, you'll even learn how to correctly answer the most difficult questions readers face. 52 pages.



"Tradecraft takes the form of a straight-forward no-nonsense manual, similar in format to last year's excellent Mastering Hypnosis from the same publisher...You'll find yourself smiling at just how clever some of the discussed methods and techniques really are. There are hundreds of actual examples and 'lines' as well...The layout is excellent, the content spot-on, and it's a real pleasure to read. Highly recommended."

- Mr Duncan Trillo,

"My thoughts on the Tradecraft Cold Reading manual - it is in my mind, quite simply - the best. Many thanks as well for the prompt service."

- Mr George Rowe (Kalamar)

A message from Mr Rowe to Mr Ruben Padilla

"That's the book I just received. I could not wax more enthusiastic about it if I tried. As an experienced professional reader, I can verify it is absolutely one of the best missives I've read to date on cold reading. Ruben, I have about every important book on the subject, including the complete Nelson Library. This Tradecraft book is truly a gem for the serious reader. Taken in line with college psychology courses, general semantics, salesmanship and shomanship I think it's a very important read. Like Nelson's material it is put together correctly - even more correctly and better yet, does not tolerate any suggestion of fraud. I finished reading it yesterday, I now want to study it more carefully. If you could afford only one book on cold reading, this is the one I'd recommend."


- Mr Ford Kross, Psychic Entertainers Association Newsletter Columnist, USA

"I'm looking forward to working with the Koran decks you sent, but the Tradecraft book is the gem of the order."

- Mr Jeff Binning, USA

"I have purchased and read your book. I have every book written on the subject [of cold reading], from the mentalist side to the skeptics view on the subject. I must say your book is the single most informative source of information I have ever bought. Thanks for a great book."

- Mr William Morgan, USA


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