Cold Reading for Mentalists

On this page, you'll find some of the best books available on psychological, life span, and cold reading for mentalists and magicians.

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Cold Reading - Joe Riding

Cold Reading $7.00 PDF

In this how-to course, Joe Riding generously shares his Cold Reading expertise, acquired over many years – from basic methods and how to get started, to more advanced techniques. Plus, his own standard character reading...

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Cold Reading Tradecraft

Cold Reading Tradecraft $7.00 PDF

Create the impression that you can read minds. Imagine meeting someone for the very first time and being able to reveal not only some of their innermost thoughts, but details of personal events yet to come. It appears to be nothing less than a genuine...

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The Secrets of Dr A

The Secrets of Dr. A $7.00 PDF

Discover the billet reading methods and subtleties Dr. A employed to such devastating effect. Techniques you can use to read minds in practically any situation, even when conditions are less than favorable. This is Nelson's first...

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Secret Methods of Private Readers

Secret Methods of Private Readers $7.00 PDF

The ability to switch a billet under the spectator's nose enables you to rise to the challenge, "IF YOU ARE A MINDREADER, THEN READ MY MIND." Nelson felt nothing did more to convince a skeptic of your abilities than...

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Pages from a Readers Notebook

Pages from a Reader's Notebook $7.00 PDF

Originally published in 1939 by Nelson Enterprises under the title, "Pages from a Medium's Notebook," this book is an invaluable reference for any mentalist that seeks to heighten his or her cold reading skills. Written by an anonymous author, it represents...

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Technique of the Private Reader

Technique of the Private Reader $7.00 PDF

In this sought-after book, Nelson outlines the time-proven formula that enables private readers to reveal the past, present and future of their subjects. Divided into two sections, the first explains the power and purpose of psychological...

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Nelson Psychological Reading

Psychological Reading $4.00 PDF

Robert Nelson's manuscript on how to give a psychological reading using the 12-point framework! Spectators are more readily convinced by fortune tellers, and the like, if the reader will start the reading without first asking...

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Astro Lines for Readers

Astro Lines for Readers $5.00 PDF

Now you can expand and vary your psychological readings for different sitters with this handy compilation of over 200 mostly flattering, Astrological (warm reading) lines that your sitters are likely to accept as true about themselves...

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Dante's System of Life Span Reading

Dante's System of Life Span Reading $6.00 PDF

Without anything written or other skulduggery, Dante delivers a powerful psychological reading. A reading so cleverly conceived and thought-out that it smacks of genuineness. This sight reading is apparently the answer to the sitter's innermost thoughts...

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Thayer Life Span Reading

Life Span Reading $6.00 PDF

This is a reading which, with a little caution, may be given to any man or woman. It is based upon events which occur in the vast majority of human lives, yet, adroitly stated, the reading becomes personalized and the person...

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The Art of Cold Reading

The Art of Cold Reading $7.00 PDF

Robert Nelson's takes you step-by-step through the process of cold reading - from explaining why people get "readings" to learning how to recognize certain "types" of men and women. Nelson even gives you a composite...

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