Coin and Money Magic eBooks 1

Sleight of hand, subtleties, and tricks with coins and paper money.

Matrix Coin Assembly

Matrix Coin Assembly $6.00 PDF

Four cards, four coins and pure magic. Four coins (US or Canadian quarters, UK 10-pence coins, etc.), placed in a square layout on your close-up pad and each covered with a playing card, assemble one at a time under the same...

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Kaps on Coins Lecture Supplement

Kaps on Coins $10.00 PDF


This package includes Fred Kaps printed lecture supplement, "KAPS ON COINS," in PDF format along with streaming access to a video copy of Kaps' companion instructional film, "NOTES ON COINS." Fred Kaps teaches 12...

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Okito Coin Box Routines

Okito Coin Box Routines $5.00 PDF

Two brilliantly constructed, multi-phase Okito coin box routines by Stars of Magic legend, Sam Horowitz (Mohammed Bey). You get both of his Master Routines...

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Coining Magic

Coining Magic $5.00 PDF

A rare, non-card magic publication by Ed Marlo! In Coining Magic, Marlo shows that the classic Coin Fold or Paper and Coin is more than just a simple way to vanish a coin. In fact, he explores an array of moves and subtleties that make this methodology...

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Koran Jackpot Coins

Al Koran's Jackpot Coins $6.00 PDF

The trick that fooled Einstein! Jackpot Coins was one of Al Koran's feature effects - a multiple prediction routine in which he and a spectator each took and concealed a handful of coins. Following that, Koran made three...

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The Great Purse Game

The Great Purse Game $5.00 PDF

Looking for a close-up effect that's different? The Purse Game or Swindle is to the English or Australian sharper what the 3 Shell Game is to the American bunko artist. Spectators would see the operator drop two silver coins...

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Arthur Buckley - Principles and Deceptions

Principles and Deceptions $7.00 PDF

Arthur Buckley's masterwork on sleight of hand magic with coins, cards and balls. Over 300 B&W photographs of the author detail some of the most beautiful and deceptive moves with coins, cards, and balls ever conceived...

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JC Coin Routines Jack Chanin - Handle With Gloves

J.C. Coin Routines - Handle With Gloves $6.00 PDF

Looking for a way to magically produce four or more coins that you can use in other routines (Matrix, Coins Across, etc.)? Checkout Jack Chanin's J.C. Favorite - a production of coins from a silk handkerchief that's as easy to do as it is beautiful...

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Bull's-eye Coin Tricks

Bull's-eye Coin Tricks $5.00 PDF

Audience-tested coin tricks, vanishes and productions, various moves and sleights, as well as a number of routined effects - about 20 items in all! There are even several coin tricks that require a minimum of manipulative ability...

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Jean Hugard Coin Magic Manual

Coin Magic $5.00 $2.50 PDF

Jean Hugard's complete manual of coin conjuring covers basic to advanced coin sleights - palms, vanishes, changes, switches, acquitments, catches, sleeving, cuffing, and more. Plus easy and advanced coin tricks, coin tricks with...

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