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Close-up magic with everyday objects that relies on pure sleight of hand or clever subtleties.

Impromptu Cups and Balls Routine

Impromptu Cups and Balls Routine $6.00 PDF

Perform an impromptu Cups and Balls routine with borrowed paper or plastic cups, and paper balls rolled from a torn napkin! After the balls vanish, reappear, move and multiply several times...

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One Cup and Ball Routine

One Cup and Ball Routine $6.00 PDF

With Sam Berland's "One Cup and Ball Routine" you can perform an astonishing, impromptu "Chop Cup" type routine with a borrowed shot or larger glass wrapped in half a page torn from any magazine. What's more, after...

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Osborne Cups and Balls Magic

Osborne's Cups and Balls Magic $6.00 PDF

Tom Osborne's classic "Cups and Balls Magic" is one of the most comprehensive "how-to" manuals ever written on this age-old feat. Professor Hoffman called the Cups and Balls, "the groundwork of all legerdemain," and Houdini considered no man to...

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Benson Bowl Routine

Benson Bowl Routine $5.00 PDF

Captivate your audience with an inexpensive bowl, a magic wand and a few sponge balls. Originated by Roy Benson, the Bowl Routine lets you perform a strong, visual "Cups and Balls" type of routine with an ordinary, ungimmicked bowl...

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Top Secrets of Magic

Top Secrets of Magic $6.00 PDF

12 big sections, Top Secrets of Magic features complete routines with cards, coins, rings, balls, matchbooks, safety pins, and more; as well as an outstanding, multi-faceted close-up mindreading routine with blank business cards...

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Sponge Ball Manipulation

Sponge Ball Manipulation $3.00 PDF

First published in 1940, Audley Walsh covers the basics of sponge ball manipulation including the Finger Pinch, Pick-up, Thimble Move, and more, along with two routines, an opening for the table worker, and a brief...

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Frank Garcia's Sponge Balls

Frank Garcia's Sponge Balls Booklet $5.00 PDF

In this excellent 1959 booklet, "The Man with the Million Dollar Hands," Frank Garcia, teaches you an array of clever moves with sponge balls, including productions, vanishes, transpositions, methods of...

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Two in Hand One in Pocket Routine

How Many? $3.00 PDF

Classic sponge ball magic made easy. The "Two in the Hand, One in the Pocket" trick is a classic of magic. And like all classics - the plot is simple, direct and magical. Three balls are shown. Two of these are placed into your left hand...

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Shoot the Works

Shoot the Works $6.00 PDF

Ed Marlo's complete manual on dice tricks, routines and methods for magicians, first published in 1943. Section One covers six amazing tricks you can perform with regular dice. Section Two explains the real work on...

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Diversions with Dice

Diversions with Dice $5.00 PDF

One of the hits of the 1947 FISM Congress in Paris was an entertaining Dice Act performed by Treborix (Robert Olivaux). This delightfully illustrated, hard-to-find booklet breaks down every aspect of his act, including various manipulations, and then gives you...

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