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Dr. Jacob Daley Card Magic Retrospective

Dr. Jacob Daley Card Magic Retrospective $6.00 PDF

This new compilation puts over a dozen Dr. Daley card magic gems at your fingertips. Material includes Jacob's Ladder, On the Spot, Rouge et Noir...

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Paul Fox Miracle Gimmick

Paul Fox Miracle Gimmick $6.00 PDF

Secretly discover the identity of cards "thought of" by one or more spectators. Perform absolute mind reading miracles with a deck of cards. For years, this was Paul Fox's best kept secret. A small gimmick that allowed him to ascertain the identity...

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The Bob Mason O-2-Matica Stack Toolkit

The Bob Mason Stack Toolkit $5.00 PDF

10 knockout effects with Bob Mason's stacked deck system, how to work with the system including handling tips and shortcuts, background info, printable stack artwork and more...

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Ultimate Koran Prediction Deck

Ultimate Al Koran Prediction Deck $7.00 PDF

In the right hands, this effect is nothing short of a miracle. Al Koran was a brilliant mentalist and his improved version of the Bagshawe Deck was one of the features of his world renowned act. It baffled audiences for years...

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Phantini's Any Card at Any Number ACAAN

Phantini's ACAAN - Any Card at Any Number $6.00 $4.00 PDF

With the assistance of his friend Barrie Richardson, Gene "Phantini" Grant began performing Any Card at Any Number in the 1980s. In this new manuscript, we break down the handling for this mental card miracle...

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Open Prediction - Six Solutions

Open Prediction - Six Solutions $7.00 PDF

Six nearly self-working methods for performing Paul Curry’s Open Prediction or a reasonable facsimile thereof. The methods are all quite easy to execute, although they may require some preparation, a set up or move, or even other stuff. Material includes...

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Think - Think-a-Card Solutions

Think $6.00 PDF

Six excellent, diabolically subtle think-a-card solutions compiled from other books we publish. All are 100% workable with no sleights, although they may call for a set-up, key card, or other minor subterfuge...

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Deceptions with a Short Card

Deceptions with a Short Card $6.00 PDF

The short card is one of card magic's most important and least understood tools. In this hard-to-find, classic treatise first published in 1946, Dr. George E. Casaubon introduces the reader to eight different types of short cards and explains...

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Si Stebbins Unplugged

Si Stebbins Unplugged $7.00 PDF

Unleash the potential of magic's most powerful card control system. While most magicians and mentalists are familiar with the Si Stebbins stack, very few ever tap its true potential. In Si Stebbins Unplugged, you'll learn how to perform miracles with any deck...

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S6 - Si Stebbins Card Tricks

S6 - Six Si Stebbins Stunners $6.00 PDF

S6 brings together for the first time six mind boggling Si Stebbins system card effects from Wright, Curry, Rutledge, Allerton and Mason. No complex sleights or mental gymnastics, just killer presentations that deploy..

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