Si Stebbins Stack and Other Systems

Explore the incredible possibilities of stacked decks, like the Si Stebbins system. For more powerful, yet easy-to-do card magic, see our Key Card Chicanery series, as well as our Bob Hummer and Eddie Joseph card magic sections.

Si Stebbins Unplugged

Si Stebbins Unplugged $7.00 PDF

Unleash the potential of magic's most powerful card control system. While most magicians and mentalists are familiar with the Si Stebbins stack, very few ever tap its true potential. In Si Stebbins Unplugged, you'll learn how to perform miracles with any deck...

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The Bob Mason O-2-Matica Stack Toolkit

The Bob Mason Stack Toolkit $5.00 PDF

10 knockout effects with Bob Mason's stacked deck system, how to work with the system including handling tips and shortcuts, background info, printable stack artwork and more...

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Fantastic Magic - Bob Mason

Fantastic Magic $5.00 PDF

Bob Mason's brilliant O-2-MATICA stacked deck system plus nine mental card effects, and two special shuffles. If you are a Si Stebbins fan, you're going to love Bob Mason's stack...

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S6 - Si Stebbins Card Tricks

S6 - Six Si Stebbins Stunners $6.00 PDF

S6 brings together for the first time six mind boggling Si Stebbins system card effects from Wright, Curry, Rutledge, Allerton and Mason. No complex sleights or mental gymnastics, just killer presentations that deploy..

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Proskauer Si Stebbins Card Tricks

How'd Ja Do That? $6.00 PDF

After watching Proskauer repeatedly fool a room of magicians with his card magic, Max Holden urged him to write this book. What made that request somewhat unusual was that Proskauer wasn't a sleight of hand man, nor did...

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Si Stebbins Legacy

Si Stebbins Legacy $5.00 PDF

"Si Stebbins" is without doubt magic's most popular card control system, however Si Stebbins (William Coffren) actually preferred a slightly different set-up and suit order than most magicians are familiar with. It was the same...

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Mahendra Card Si Stebbins Card Tricks

Amazing Card Miracles $6.00 PDF

It wasn't often that a successful, old school mystic shared his professional secrets with the magic community. However in "Amazing Card Miracles," M.S. "Doc" Mahendra did just that, detailing an array of powerful mindreading...

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The Nikola Card System

The Nikola Card System $6.00 PDF

Louis Nikola's original, comprehensive booklet (not a condensed overview) on The Nikola Card System, one of the most powerful stacked decks ever conceived. With this system, pre-arrangement seems impossible, even upon close...

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Paul Fox Miracle Gimmick

Paul Fox Miracle Gimmick $6.00 PDF

Secretly discover the identity of cards "thought of" by one or more spectators. Perform absolute mind reading miracles with a deck of cards. For years, this was Paul Fox's best kept secret. A small gimmick that allowed him to ascertain the identity...

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Vocalepathy $5.00 PDF

Vocalepathy appears to be a genuine test of mindreading. Groups of playing cards are distributed to members of the audience who merely THINK of a card. Each group is shuffled back into the pack by the spectator himself...

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Controlled Coincidence

Controlled Coincidence $5.00 PDF

Victor Farelli outlines his easy-to-use card control system which gives you immediate access to two "denoting cards," which provide the suit and value of any card freely selected from the deck. Information you can use overtly...

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Greater Card Tricks

Greater Card Tricks $6.00 PDF

In Eddie Joseph's introduction to his 1942 big book of card magic, he states that the effects he is offering all bear the "hall-mark of originality." Indeed, few other magicians have provided us with a richer, more resourceful, or more...

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