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Stop Trick

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    Alexander Mind Reading Acts
  1. RARE Alexander Crystal Gazing Act and Mind Reading Routines
  2. Lucky Aces
  3. Superior Perception
  4. Business Card Miracles III
  5. Nelson's Man and Wife Mind Reading Act - Rare, Just Republished!
  6. Manipulating with Leech
  7. Back to the Launching Pad
  8. For Card Men Only - Al Leech
  9. Don't Look Now!
  10. Irv's Triple Transpo - Ace, Kings and Queens
  11. Four-Sight - Add-a-Number Effect
  12. The Stop Card Trick - 7 Methods!


3 Card Monte
15 Minutes With a Piece of Rope
15 Star Card Effects
15 Subtle Card Problems - Judah
16 Thumb Tie Gems
20 Stunners with a Nail Writer
25 Rising Card Tricks
26 Living and Dead Tests
33 Rope Ties and Chain Releases
40 Mental Mysteries
50 Card Tricks
50 Modern Card Tricks - Gravatt
52 Amazing Card Tricks
101 Opening Remarks for Magicians
202 Forcing Methods
Aces High
Aces Kings Transpo
Action with Cards
Add-a-Number Methods
Advanced Card Magic - Albright
Airtight Prediction
Al Baker Book
Al Baker (Bundle)
Al Baker's Second Book
Al Koran's Lecture Notes
Albaka Artifice
Albright's Forbidden Wisdom
Almost Real Prediction
Amazing Card Miracles
Amazing Substitution
Annemann's Mental Masterpiece
Annemann's Mental Mysteries
Annemann's Miracles of Card Magic
Annemann's Full Deck of Impromptu Card Tricks
Answers to Questions
Applause and How to Get It - Nelms
The Art of Body Loading and Productions
Art of Cold Reading
Art of the Stage
Astro Lines for Readers
Astro Question Chart
Astrology Lecture
Baby Picture Gag
Baker $25 Manuscript
Bally Prediction
Band-it Card Trick
Be Deceived
Beats All Poker Deal
Benson Bowl Routine
Berland's Devil Dollar
Berland's Paper Cup Tricks
Berland's Wiztax
Between Two Minds
Bewitched, Bottled and Bewildered
Blindfold Card Miracle
Bohleno's Mysteries
Book Without a Name
Borrowed Brain
The Boxes of Chang - Jack Miller
Brilliant Book Tests
Brilliant Card Magic
British Magic Comedy Lines
Buckley's Gems of Mental Magic
Buckley's Principles and Deceptions
Business Card Miracles
Business Card Miracles II
Cabinet of Card Miracles
Calostro Mindreading Act
Calostro Radio Vision Code
Canar Poker Deal
The Card Expert
Card Fan Productions
Card Magic by Manipulation
Card Party
Card Reading Worksheet
Card Thought
Card Thru Window
Card to Pocket Remix
Card Tricks That Are Easy to Learn and Do
Cardially Yours
CardSource Card Index System
Cardvoyance Billet Gimmick
Carey Files: Vol. 1
Center Tear Methods - UF Grant
CenterMental - JG Thomspn Jr.
Chanin Encyclopedia of Sleeving
Chanin Handle with Gloves
Chanin Seven in One Card Routine
Chess Knight's Tour
Chess Match
CIA Envelope
Celestial Agent
Classic Aces
Classic Magic Jokes
Classical Foursome
Clever Card Tricks
Clip - Paper Clip Tricks
Clip Monte
Close-Up Time
Club Deceptions
Club and Party Mentalism
Coining Magic
Cold Reading Tradecraft
Collins' Card Conceits
Color Changing Deck
Color Scheme
Controlled Coincidence
Comedy Chinese Prediction
Comedy Mentalism I
Comedy Mentalism II
Complete One Man Mental and Psychic Routine
Confessions of a Medium
ConjuRING Trix
Conjuring with Christopher
Contact Mind Reading Expanded
Controlled Miracles
Crandall Dice Stacking
Crushed Wrist Watch
Curry Think of a Card
Cut and Restored Rope
Cut and Restored Tie
DaVinci Code Book Test
Dai Vernon $20 Manuscript
Dai Vernon Select Secrets
Dante System of Life Span Reading
David Hoy Book Tests
David Hoy College ESP Lecture
Deceptions with a Short Card
Deck Deception
Deck in Hand
DIY Card Gimmicks
Do That Again
Dollar Bandit
Dr. Q Hypnotic Act
Dr. Q Simplicity Mindreading Act
Dr. X Manuscript
Eddie Joseph Bombay
Eddie Joseph Premonition
Eddie Joseph Staggered
Effective Answers to Questions
Effortless Card Magic (Bundle)
Elias At the Table
En Rapport
Encyclopedia of Card Tricks
Entertaining Mr. Henderson
Entertaining with Hypnotism
Envision Design Duplication
EpiCard Prediction
ESP Fact or Fiction Lecture
Exclusive Card Mysteries
Expert at the Card Table
Expert Manipulative Magic
Extreme Street Magic
Fantastric - Bob Hummer
Farelli Master Speller
Feature Prediction - Stoddard
Final Selection - Gravatt
Fitzkee Linking Ring Routine
Five Roads to Vegas - Breggar
Flight Three
Forging Ahead in Magic
Four Full Hands and 30 Card Mysteries
Fox Miracle Gimmick
Future Edition Headline Prediction
Future Reverse
Gags, Routines and Patter
Ghostly Seconds
Grant's $1,000 Challenge Mindreading Act
Grant's Fabulous Feats of Mental Magic
Grant's Fortune Telling Card Trick
Grant's Zenith Master Mental Act
Greater Card Tricks
Half Dozen Hummers
Headline Prediction Methods
How to Get Applause
Hellstromism - Reilly
Hellstromism - Nelson
Her Majesty's Favorite - Professor's Nightmare Here's New Magic
Hewitt's Modern Mindreader
Higher Mentality
Hindu Gypsy Thread
Homing Card
The Horoscope Party Business
Hotel and Nite Club Mindreading
How Gamblers Win
How to Book Your Mentalism Attraction
How to Do Miracle Memory Feats
How'd Ja Do That?
How Many?
How to Develop Mental Magic
How to Pick Pockets
How to Read Sealed Messages
Hull World's Greatest Mental Tests
Hull's More Eye-Openers
Hundred Dollar Bill Switch
I'll Read Your Mind
Incorporated Strange Secrets
Intuitional Sight
I Wouldn't Like to Play Cards with You!
Illusion Secrets
INsight Coin Vanish
It Must be Mindreading
Itinerant Mystic, Further Secrets
Itinerant Mystic, Mentalism Tests
Itinerant Mystic, More Secrets
Itinerant Mystic

Effortless Card Magic Bundle - 200 Card Tricks

Itinerant Mystic Series (Bundle)
I've Got Your Number
Jack London Q and A Act Methods
JINX Magic Acts
JINX One Man Mental Club Act
Kaps Flash Bills
Kaps Lecture Notes
Kaps Ring on String
Karaism $100 Manuscript
Kardyro's Kard Konjuring
Kickback Card Tricks
Knave Three Jack Deal
Koran Deck
Kornfidentially Yours
La Vellma Method - Fortune Telling with Playing Cards
Last Word on Cards
The Legend of Poker Alice
Life and Mysteries - Celebrated Dr. Q
Let's See the Deck
Life Span Reading - Thayer
Linking Finger Rings - Koran
Little Miracles
LW Card Mysteries
LW Mindreading Mysteries
Magic at Your Fingertips
Magic Comedy Print-ables
Magic of the Mind
Making Magic Pay
Making Mindreading Pay
Manipulative Magic - French
Mardo Cups and Balls Routine
Marvels of Mystery
The Master Course in Hypnotism
Mastering Hypnosis
Mathematical Monte - Bob Hummer
McMillen Card Rise
Medium's Secret Guide
Meet the Senator
Menta Center Tear Slips
Mental Bargain Effects
Mental Cases with Cards
Mental Magic with Cards
Mental Meanderings
Mentalism and its Presentation
Mentalism Cold Reading with Playing Cards
The Mentalist's Impression Pad
Mentalist's Manual
Minimalistica - John Carey
Mind Divination Act
Mind Power Memory
Mind Reader's Dream - Hummer
Mindray - Dr. Jaks
Mindreader's Digest
Mindreading for Fun
Miracle Card Change - Faber
Miracle Card Changes - Marlo
Miracle Methods - Prepared Cards and Accessories
Miracle Methods - Stripper Deck
Miracle Methods - Tricks and Sleights
Miracles in Mentalism
Miracles with a Clipboard
Misdirection for Close-up Magicians
Modern Card Effects
Modern Fortune Telling
Modern Magic Manual
Modern Illusions
Modern Levitations
Modernism in Pasteboard
Money Magic - Hugard
More Effective Answers to Questions
More Miracles in Mentalism
More Than a Trick
Nelson's Encyclopedia of Mentalism
Nelson's Phantom Mindreader
Nelson's Psychological Reading
Nelson Solar Zodiac Horoscope
Nelson Pseudo Stage Hypnotism Course
Nelson Visions of Tomorrow
Nikola Card System
Novel Magic
Numerology Profile Worksheet
Off the Top
One Cup and Ball Routine - Berland
One Man Mind Reading Secrets
The Original Stillwell Handkerchief Manipulation Act
Osborne's Classic Coin Tricks
Osborne's Cups and Balls Magic
Outs, Precautions and Challenges
Pages from a Medium's Notebook
Palm Reading for Frauds
Palm Reading Worksheet
Paperback Book Test
Pascal's Other Wager
Passing the Buck
Paul Rosini Magical Gems
Perfect Poker Deal
Perfect Princess - Koran
Perfected Sealed Message Reading
Perfecto One Man Mindreading Act
Phantini's Challenge Mental Act
Phantini's Lost Book of Mental Secrets
Pieces of Mind
Power of Thought - Curry
Practical Hypnotism
Practical Mental Effects
Prediction from Bombay - Open Prediction
Princess Card Trick
Pro Marked Bicycle Deck System
Projected Answers to Questions
Prolix Spirit Writes
Psycho-Gizmo, Vol. 1
Psycho-Gizmo, Vol. 2
Psycho-Gizmo, Vol. 3
Psycho-Gizmo, Vol. 4
Psycho-Gizmo Set
Hull's Eye-Openers
Hull's Supreme Mental Discernment
The Testament of Ralph W. Hull
Radio and Nite-Club Mindreading
The Real World - OOTW
Red Hot Mama
Riveted Card Trick
Rogue Card Rise
Rope, Chain and Box Escapes
Rough Smooth Possibilites
Rough Stuff
The Routine Supreme
Routinely Funny I
Routinely Funny II
Royal Road to Card Magic
S6 - Six Si Stebbins Stunners
Sam the Bellhop
Same Both Sides
Scarne's Think-A-Card
Sealed Message Reading
Sealed Mysteries
Sealed Vision
Secret Methods of Private Readers
Secret Weapons for Magicians and Mentalists
Secrets of Mental Magic
Secrets of Dr. A
Secrets of the Street Conjurer
The Senator Returns
Sensational Answers
Sensational Effects
Serial Deception
Seven Keys to Baldpate
Showmanship Essentials
Showmanship for Magicians
Sight Unseen - Dr. Q
Simple Card Tricks
Simply Mental
Shhh - It's a Secret!
Si Stebbins Unplugged
The Simply Deceptive Card Magic of Joe Berg
Situation Comedy for Magicians
Six Bits Series
Sleightly Sensational
Smart Comedy Series - McAthy
Smart Magic
Solotear Torn Corner Dodge
Spirit is Willing
The Spy Deck
Staging a Spook Show
Standard Magic Lines, Quips and Ad-Libs for Situational Comedy
Star Signs
Still More Miracles in Mentalism
Stolen Thought Book Test
Strongest Thought and Improved Question Reading
Super Mentality
Super Magical Miracles
Super Prediction Tricks
Super Psychic Billet Switch - Burling Hull
Super-Psychic Mental Effects
Super-Sensitive Fingertips
Superior Perception
Superb Mentalism of Jack London
Technique of the Private Reader
Telephone Telepathy
Thought-Reading Cards
Thought Wings Onward - Eddie Clever
The Three Article Test
Three to One Rope Trick - Osborne
Torn & Restored Magazine Cover
Top Secrets of Magic
Tossed Out Deck - Hoy
Tricks with Daub
Tricks with a Short Card - Grant
Tricks with Watches
TurningPoint Watch Prediction
TV Mentalism
Uncanny Linking Pins
Vaudeville Mind Reading
Victory Carton Illusions
Viper Mentalist's Peek Folder
Vital Prediction
Volta's Improved Question Act Code
Volta's Master Method
Volta's Ultra Question Answering Act
Watch This One
Whirling Card with Floating Bill
Willane's Wandering Card
Wild Card
Winners All!
The Working Mentalist's Book Test
The World's Fastest Card Trick
XL Psychic Billet Reading
You'd Be Surprised
Your Deck - Your Card
The Zancig Code
The Zenner Effect
What Next!
Wizard of Odds - Gann
Zombie Apocalypse Card Tricks