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Card Magic

Card Magic Book PDFs

Practical card magic moves, sleights, systems, subtleties, classic effects, and compilations.

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Mentalism Book PDFs

Mentalism and mental magic effects, one- and two-person routines, and compilations.

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Close-up Magic

Close-up Magic Book PDFs

Close-up magic with everyday objects that relies on pure sleight of hand or clever subtleties.

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Coin Magic

Coin Magic Book PDFs

Sleight of hand, moves, methods, and tricks with coins and paper money.

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General and Manipulative Magic

General Magic Book PDFs

General and manipulative magic for stand-up, stage, and platform performances.

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Comedy Patter

Patter and Magic Comedy

Jokes, one-liners, ad-libs, situational comedy and patter for magicians and mentalists.

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Gimmicks and Accessories

Standard gimmicks and do-it-yourself secret accessories and devices for magicians and mentalists.

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DIY Stage Illusions

Easy-to-transport stage illusions you can construct with cardboard, plywood and other inexpensive materials.

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Learn Stage Hypnotism

Genuine hypnosis, induction techniques, and pseudo hypnotic methods for entertainment on stage.

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