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Business Card Miracles

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Eight astounding and blatantly self-promoting magic and mentalism effects you can perform with your business cards!

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Eight astounding and blatantly self-promoting magic and mentalism effects you can perform with your business cards! Plus all are easy to do and require a minimum of preparation, if any. 15 pages, photo-illustrated.


PROBABILITY ZERO - A 300,000 to 1 possibility that works every time. A bunch of business cards are numbered and mixed number sides down. A truly sensational climax is reached when a spectator although he selects the cards at random and does not know the numbers on the cards, succeeds in arranging them in numerical order! This effect was originally part of Paul Curry's "Sealed Miracles" series sold through dealers.

FROM THE SILVER SCREEN - A clever presentational twist on a Ted Annemann classic. A celebrity name secretly written on a business card and mixed among others by a spectator turns up on the last letter when the name is spelled aloud.

THINK-A-CARD REVISITED - A truly mind-blowing version of Charles Hopkins's "Think-A-Card" premise. After a spectator reveals the name of a card merely looked and written on a business card by a spectator, you prove the impossibility by producing the card from your pocket. If you like, the card or your prediction can be removed before the thought of card is ever revealed!

PREDICTO - A clever John Scarne effect where a card is selected by the deck being cut and your business card with your prediction slid in to mark the spot. Your prediction proves 100% correct.

CLEVER THOUGHT READING - Eddie Clever's practical design duplication method that uses just a stack of unprepared business cards and an unprepared coin envelope.

BUSINESS CARD TELEPATHY - When someone asked Fred Kolb to read their mind, he would pull out a small packet of his business cards - each with a different simple design. The spectator was given a free selection of any card, which the mentalist would then reveal with pinpoint accuracy.

IMPROMPTU VISION is J.G. Thompson's brilliant technique that lets you discover anything written or drawn on the back of a business card and covered with a handkerchief. It's the perfect impromptu or press stunt, because you can borrow everything!

SEE OTHER SIDE - Looking for a way to magically produce your business card? This is it! A card that is blank on one side and says "SEE OTHER SIDE" on the other side is handed to a spectator. He turns it over to discover that your business card details are now printed on the other side!

Now available...Business Card Miracles II and Business Card Miracles III.


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