PThe Art of Body Loading and Productions

The Art of Body Loading and Productions

Author/Originator: Eddie Joseph
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As a magician, your audience expects you to be able to produce articles from an unsuspecting helper's clothing while he is assisting you on stage. And the more incongruous the item, the bigger the audiences' surprise and laughter. In this classic guide, Eddie Joseph draws on 25 years of experience to provide you with a roadmap to success in the field. Every aspect of the art of "body loading and productions" is covered - from the various types of articles produced to the actual techniques, methods of concealment, and all-important timing and misdirection. This is a must-have resource for every working magician. Now completely re-typeset, 40 big pages.

Contents include:

  • Introduction
  • Theoretically Speaking
  • Articles for Productions
  • Defining the Technique
  • Methods of Concealment
  • Personal Concealments
  • Prop Concealments
  • Practicing the Technique
  • Loading into Outer Coat Pocket
  • Loading Under Coat (Five methods)
  • Loading Outer Breast Pocket (Five methods)
  • Loading Inner Breast Pocket
  • Loading Behind Coat Collar (Five methods) .
  • Loading into Sleeve
  • Loading into Hip Pocket (Three methods)
  • Loading Inside Shirt Front (Two methods)
  • Loading Under Trouser Cuff
  • Body Loading in Operation
  • Body Productions for Nite Clubs
  • Body Productions for Stage or Platform
  • Glass and Orange
  • The Cotton Mill
  • Tumbler of Wine from Collar
  • Productions of Rubber Goods
  • Money, Money Everywhere
  • Umbrella from Coat Collar
  • Stick from Trouser Cuff
  • Eggs from Pocket
  • Playing Cards from Sleeve
  • Live Banana in Auditorium
  • Production from Outside Collar
  • The Vanishing Wand
  • Two Good Reasons
  • The Shower of Rice
  • Livestock Productions
  • Cinderella’s Shoe
  • Cage and Canary
  • A Full Bottle of Beer from Under Coat
  • Stooges and Subterfuges

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