The Bob Mason O-2-Matica Stack Toolkit

The Bob Mason O-2-Matica Stack Toolkit

Author/Originator: Bob Mason
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In this new ebook from, we further explore Bob Mason's ingenious O-2-MATICA card system - a stack that's almost as easy to use as Si Stebbins, but far more deceptive. As mentioned, it may just become your new secret weapon! That's why we put together this new toolkit with 10 knockout effects, including UNIFORM POWER OF THOUGHT, THE PSYCHIC PAD, HOW THE DEUCE?, ALMOST REAL MINDREADING, MENTALIMINATION, AUTOMATIC LOCATION, SHARK FOOD, THE VERNON MIRACLE CARD LOCATION, THINK OF A CARD, and SLIGHTLY LESS CRYPTIC! Plus, we detail how to work forward and backward in the system including handling tips and shortcuts, offer some background information on the fascinating history of the set-up, and even give you new ready-to-print color and B&W charts that put the Mason stack at your fingertips, whether you prefer to use a CHaSeD or a SHoCkeD suit sequence. 30 pages, illustrated. Don't miss this one!

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