Robert Hummer Card Mysteries 1

Amazing Bob Hummer card effects and other mysteries that will confound your audiences. Our popular Bob Hummer Mind Boggling Mysteries bundle is available again!


Fantastric $6.00 PDF

An unfathomable Bob Hummer card mystery! It begins with the magician being handed a thoroughly shuffled, borrowed deck to accomplish his miracle - a deck he only touches briefly at the beginning and the end of the trick. The rest of the time...

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Hummer's Great Discovery

Hummer's Great Discovery $3.00 PDF

This completely impromptu card miracle introduced Bob Hummer's genius to the magic world! With your back turned, any spectator takes and mixes any 9 or 10 cards from any pack, discarding balance; he notes one card, replaces on pile...

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Seeking Parity - Robert Hummer

Seeking Parity $6.00 PDF

Eight effects based upon Bob Hummer's devious Parity Principle. "Seeking Parity" includes all of the material from the now scarce Bob Hummer pamphlet, "Face-up, Face-down Mysteries," published in 1946: Hummer's 18-Card Mystery...

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Little Stanger - Robert Hummer

Little Stranger $5.00 PDF

Here's the basic effect: Using his own well-shuffled pack, a spectator removes some cards and after separating the red cards from the blacks, he puts an unknown number of cards into various pockets. Keep in mind, this is all done...

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Half-a-Dozen Hummers

Half-a-Dozen Hummers $5.00 PDF

Six mind boggling, original card tricks from one of magic's most brilliant minds, Bob Hummer. And while all of these effects will astound your audiences, they are actually quite easy to do - relying more on subtlety than sleight of hand. Effects include...

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Six More Hummers

Six More Hummers $5.00 PDF

Six more original effects from one of magic's genuine innovators, Bob Hummer. Effects include: The Four G Men; The Card on Window Pane; Double Thought; A Rare Coin Stunt; A Possible Impossibility; and Imagination...

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Three More Hummers - Robert Hummer

Three More Hummers $5.00 PDF

In this release, we bring you three more Bob Hummer mysteries fiendishly devised to utterly confound your audiences - two with cards and one with coins. These include: A CLOSE-UP CARD MYSTERY; THE WHISPERING SPIRIT...

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Ultimate Mind Reader's Dream

Ultimate MRD with App $7.00PDF

Bob Hummer first released his celebrated "think-a-card" effect, The Mind Reader's Dream, in 1952. Prof. Fontao has gone on to refine the MRD formula and handling even further. As a result, you can now do...

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Mathematical 3-Card Monte Plus Five Card Baffle

Mathematical 3-Card Monte Plus Five Card Baffle $7.00 PDF

Two more mind boggling Bob Hummer effects! First, new clearly written, illustrated instructions for Bob Hummer's Mathematical 3-Card Monte. Three cards are placed in a row and numbered...

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Koran Note Under Cup

Al Koran's Note Under Cup $6.00 PDF

Shortly after its release in 1951, Al Koran adapted Bob Hummer's Mathematical Three Card Monte to locate a crumpled up banknote secretly placed under one of three cups, which were then well mixed — all while the performer’s...

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