Blue Ribbon Card Tricks

Blue Ribbon Card Tricks

Author/Originator: Sam Berland
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Twenty five clever card effects, moves and sleights by Sam Berland, Bob Hummer, Arthur Buckley, and others. This material, first published in 1942, ranges from nearly self-working card tricks to more advanced effects and sleights - all clearly explained with over 100 Thomas Libonati illustrations. Plus, as a special bonus, we've included Bob Hummer's The Whispering Spirit, which was published by Berland in 1941. 38 pages, new typesetting and layout, well illustrated.


  • Five Card Baffle (Hummer)
  • One Hand Visible Card Change (Berland)
  • In the Hat (Dr. Daugherty)
  • Surprise Card Thru Case (Buckley)
  • Graphite Match Box Daub (Hummer)
  • Where Do I Stop? (Berland)
  • As a Card Force
  • Escape of the Jack (Hummer)
  • One of the Fifty-Two (Hummer)
  • Stab in the Pack (Berland)
  • Stab in the Pack, second method
  • Fingertip Card Reading (Berland)
  • A Sealed Mystery (Berland)
  • Gambler’s One Hand Poker Deal (Berland)
  • Intelligent Aces (Buckley)
  • Mismated Cards (Berland)
  • Informing Envelope (Tarbell)
  • Reversed Prophecy (Berland)
  • Cards Go Straight (Berland)
  • Spectator’s Selection (Buckley)
  • Buckley’s Red and Black Shuffle
  • Double Color Change (Berland)
  • Improved Diagonal Palm Shift (Jack Hecht)
  • Rising Card...Again (Berland)
  • Scrambled Egg and Card (Berland)
  • BONUS EFFECT: The Whispering Spirit (Hummer)

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