The Astonishing Magical Creations of Sam Berland

The Astonishing Magical Creations of Sam Berland

Author/Originator: Sam Berland
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17 astonishing Sam Berland magical creations with bills, cards, silks, thimbles, cigarettes, and more. Magic for both close-up and stage. Material includes amazing card and bill transpositions, torn and restored signed card, torn and restored bill (two methods, one with a borrowed bill), double card stab (a feature in Berland's own stage act), Berland's own 8-thimble routine, production of a glass of water or wine from a magazine cover, Berland's Silk Appear gimmick that allows you to produce one or two silks in an instant, flash handkerchief vanish, lit cigarette to silk (Firefly), lit cigarette thru hank, Berland's Sensational Silk Routine (20th Century Silks, a smooth opener), Berland's Improved Knife Thru Coat, and more. Many of these were originally marketed effects and utilize ingenious, easy-to-make Sam Berland gimmicks. All are well routined and 100% practical. Concise instructions with over 100 excellent illustrations, 61 pages, re-typeset.

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