Author/Originator: Michel Potts
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Michel Potts' fifth release from Trickshop.com once again transforms mere card tricks into entertaining performance pieces that will engage your audience and hold their attention captive until you blow their mind. Material includes five excellent card effects, one terrific utility move, and even a clever mental bit you can perform with celebrity photos. All of the card effects can be performed with a regular deck of cards. Absolutely no marked cards or gimmicks required. 42 pages.

Contents include:

The image of a spectator’s thought of card mysteriously appears in your empty hand. You don’t even need a deck of cards to perform this miracle.

An astounding three-part demonstration of deck memorization after the spectator legitimately shuffled and cut the deck.

A spectator is given a stack of Hollywood celebrity headshots, mentally chooses one and mixes up the photos. During the performance, the spectator gets to mix up the photos a second, even a third time and yet his mentally-chosen celebrity is miraculously revealed.

A unique reworking of Bob Hummer’s “Mathematical Monte” featuring the Wild West’s most famous outlaws.

After the deck has been fairly shuffled, the spectator has full control as he makes a number of deliberate choices and yet his freely chosen card matches the performer’s prediction.

A spectator cuts off a small packet of cards, mentally thinks of a card, and shuffles the packet. Without looking at the faces of the cards, and with no questions asked, the performer almost instantly divines the card.

The reintroduction and modest modification of Robin Robertson’s ingenious card sleight.


"What a thrill for me to have been provided an early copy of Michel Potts' new opus Apocalypsis. Frankly, it is a thrill for me to have any copies of any of Michel's books - everyone is a gem and they keep getting better! The title effect will not only kill your spell checkers(!!) but it will FRY your audience. It is a wildly imaginative card effect that does not require a deck of cards. My favorite in the collection though is a killer 3-part card memorization presentation called "Pridmore." The fact the deck is shuffled twice starts you off on a path that eventually goes beyond impossible. Amazing stuff."

- Linking Ring Columnist, Michael Breggar

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