Answers to Questions

Answers to Questions

Author/Originator: George DeLawrence
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The ability to effectively answer questions from the audience is a skill every working mentalist should possess. In this mentalism classic, George DeLawrence explains exactly how the process works - from diagnosing questions to formulating powerful answers or "readings" that give the impression that you are a true mystic. By following the examples provided, you'll learn the real secret to answering ANY and ALL TYPES of questions that may be submitted by the audience. Plus, DeLawrence gives you tricks of the trade for collecting information from the audience, along with stock lines, questions to expected, information on private readings, and much more. In short, every angle of the answer business is considered, diagnosed and logically explained by a long-time professional. If you perform mentalism, this classic Nelson Enterprises mentalism publication is a must-have guide and reference. Completely re-typeset, quality edition. 19 pages.

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