Full Deck of Impromptu Card Tricks

Full Deck of Impromptu Card Tricks

Author/Originator: Ted Annemann
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These 52 tricks were favorites with Ted Annemann and the majority bear the earmarks of his genius for substituting subtlety where difficult sleights would ordinarily have been called for. Among the effects are contributions by such famous card men as Dai Vernon, Dr. Daley, Jean Hugard, Al Baker, Audley Walsh, Stewart Judah, and many others. We know you’ll enjoy doing these tricks, as each one has been streamlined to obtain the maximum of effect with the minimum of effort. We feel sure, too, that you will prize this collection of 52 impromptu card tricks and that this book will prove to be one of the most popular books in your library. Completely re-typeset from the original Max Holden edition, 76 big 8-1/2" x 11" or A4 pages, illustrated by Nelson Hahne.



The Card on the Ceiling    6
The Undercover Mystery    6
The Walk Around Discovery    7
Locatrix    9
Audley Walsh Coincidence    10
Up and Down    11
Wise Guy Catch    13
A Story of Crime    13
The 32 Card Mystery    16
The Card Angler    17
Aces of Eight    18
Les Cartes Par Hasard    19
A Paradox of Pairs    20
The Psychic Toothpick    22
The Elm Card Change    22
The Card Unharmed    23
Restless Colors    25
The Torn Deck Trick    26
A Card in Flight    27
The Spectator’s Choice    28
Queer Quest    29
Your Fortune, Miss    30
A Test of Power    32
Subconscious Mystery    33
Nufind    34


Follow Me    36
Synthetic Sympathy    36
An Easy Lesson    39


The Miracle Speller    42
Nuts to You    43
Composite Routine    44
The Migrating Pasteboard    45
Decepto    47
Lies! Lies! Lies!    48
The Modern Eye-Popper    49
The Card that Isn’t?    50


Impromptu Passing    52
Acme Thought Card Pass    53
Card Passe-Passe    54


Draw Poker Plus    56
Dead Man’s Hand    57


Give A Number    61
“Ad Lib” Spelling    61
Preposterous    62
Newspell    63
Jordan Plus Gardner    64


Card Minded    68
Tattle Tale Cards    69
The Touch That Tells    69
Card Box Sympathy    70
Wired Thought    72
The New Nightmare Effect    72


The Force that Couldn’t be Done    74
The So Simple Force    75
Indetectable Shift-Palm    76

WORTH KNOWING    19, 20, 33

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