Annemann Mental Mysteries

Annemann's Mental Mysteries

Author/Originator: Ted Annemann
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Another early Annemann Cabinet book.


The Premier Book Test
Works with any book or magazine. Performer touches nothing used in the test.

The Mentalist's Card Staggerer
Five cards from a suffled deck are dealt into a face down row. The spectator selects one while your back is turned and returns it. The five cards are placed in your pocket and removed singly, until only one remains. You allow the spectator to remove it. It is his card!

The Psychic Writing
A person's name mysteriously appears on a blank calling card. Great ice-breaker.

Instantaneous Card Memory
Create the impression you can memorize half the deck. Sets up in minutes. No mnemonics or lists.

Phantasma - A Mental Card Feat
A thought of card vanishes and reappears in another location.

11 pages. Acrobat PDF format.

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