The New Standard Impression Card Case

The New Standard Impression Card Case

Author/Originator: Annemann
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As a special bonus, this ebook also includes our original publication on Annemann's Mental Masterpiece with instructions for making the old style Bicycle card case into an impression device.

The Impression Card Case is a powerful weapon in any magician's or mentalist's arsenal. In this manuscript from, we explain how to construct one with Bicycle's new "Standard" card case IN LESS THAN 10 MINUTES! An Impression Card Case that works as well as Annemann's original Mental Masterpiece! We even include Annemann's own presentation complete with his priceless performance subtleties that make this a true gem. Here's how it looks to your audience: A spectator thinks of any card in the deck and secretly writes it down on a piece of paper; which he folds and keeps. You now remove a deck of cards from its case and scan the faces for a few moments before removing one which seems to strike you. You place this card face down on the spectator's outstretched palm. You walk away and ask the spectator to reveal - for the first time - the card he had in mind. Once he names it, you ask him to lift up and show the face of the card you placed on his palm. It's the same card! Many top mentalist's also deploy the Impression Card Case in the course of their act instead of a clipboard to capture an array of non-playing card information, like names, dates, numbers, even small drawings or designs. We supply the 5-page, photo-illustrated manuscript, you supply the materials and few personal items required to make your own.

Secret Weapons for Magicians and Mentalists includes details on how to make up an "Impression Playing Card."

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