Annemann's Master Subtleties with Cards

Annemann's Master Subtleties with Cards

Author/Originator: Ted Annemann
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In this extremely rare monograph, Annemann shows you how to deploy one of card magic's most under-utilized principles to devastating effect. It's the same principle a young Ted Annemann used to fool some of the best card workers in the country, and it's one that you can use to locate one or more freely selected cards under seemingly impossible conditions in your own performances. The principle? The use of an inconspicuous one-way back design, like Annemann's own deck of choice for this purpose ... Bicycle's classic and still widely available, League Back playing cards. Annemann covers every aspect of proper handling in his explanations of 11 dynamite effects:

  • Annemann's Single Card Location
  • Annemann's Cut Pack Card Location
  • Annemann's NE Plus Ultra Card Location
  • Annemann's Five Card Thought Trick
  • Annemann's Five Card Stab Trick
  • Annemann's One Way Set Up
  • Annemann's One to Ten Detection
  • Annemann's Pair Detection
  • Annemann's Audience Location
  • Annemann's Alternate Detection
  • Another Card Discovery

Plus, additional tricks, tips and variations!

"Master Subtleties with Cards" is one of Ted Annemann's earliest published works and a must-have reference for the serious worker. 16 pages, re-typeset.

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