Marlo Amazing Isn't It

Amazing Isn't It?

Author/Originator: Ed Marlo
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Written in 1941, this early Marlo manuscript offers nine excellent mainly mental card effects that are direct and can be performed impromptu. Highlights include Marlo's own terrific handling for Scarne's triple "Think a Card" prediction effect, Streamlined Discernment, Simplex Ten to One, and Marlo's deceptive No Palm Aces to Pocket technique which can also be used for a single card to wallet or envelope. Strong, well thought out mental card magic that won't bust your knuckles! 20 pages, illustrated.

Contents include:

  • Card Counted To
  • Marlo's Think A Card
  • Simplex Ten to One
  • No Palm Aces to Pocket
  • Do as I Do - U Can't Unless I Want U 2
  • Streamlined Discernment
  • Surprising Transposition
  • Marlo – Vernon
  • Sensitive Fingers

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