Almost Real Prediction - Jack London

Almost Real Prediction

Author/Originator: Jack London
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Real People. Real Numbers. No Forces, Switches or Gimmicked Pads. Some years ago, mentalist Jack London released one of his most closely-guarded secrets to the fraternity, the Almost Real Prediction - an add-a-number effect that worked without gimmicked pads or devices, forces or switches of any kind. It was a ground-breaking mental effect that won praise from some of magic's most creative thinkers at the time. In this ebook from, we strive to shed new light on Jack London's Almost Real Prediction effect, including a bonus section with five additional Jack London presentation ideas and other helpful information. 19 pages.

Any three spectators come up to assist you. One is asked to remove any bill from his wallet, one is asked to bring out a credit card and one is asked to write any phone number that he desires on a pad of paper. We will refer to the bill, the credit card and the phone number as items from this point on.

Understand! There is no preparation prior to the effect. It makes no difference which spectator pulls out what item as the choice is absolutely free and you have no advance information about the items or the spectators. You ask a spectator or small committee of two or three to check a prediction which you make. You ask them to guard the prediction. As you give it to them, you make sure that they see the actual prediction!

You return to the first three spectators with the items and explain that each item has a series of numbers. To simplify matters and save time, you will work with the first four numbers on each item.

The spectators are asked to call out the numbers, one at a time, IN ANY ORDER THAT THEY WISH. These are written in columns on a large board or pad and totaled by the audience. The spectator or committee reads your prediction aloud. You are 100% correct.


"Just downloaded and read EpiCard, and Almost Real. Superb and Simple! Real value and very professional in the description and all the details. Great value for money!"

- Mr Peter Hurley, United Kingdom

Also available from London's Billet Reading and Sealed Envelope Acts and "The Superb Mentalism of Jack London."

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