Albaka - Al Baker

Al Baker's Albaka

Author/Originator: Al Baker
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Al Baker's “ALBAKA” can be classed as one of the most perfect mind reading experiments possible with a deck of cards and nothing else to confuse the issue. To the spectator it is simple, direct, and so incomprehensible in effect that trickery seems very remote and practically impossible. Here's the effect: A spectator is asked to merely think of ANY card in the pack. The performer looks at him for a second, and then writes something on the face of one card. Now the spectator is asked to remove his thought of card from deck. The performer names the card he wrote upon and then openly fans the deck, so the spectator can see this card with the writing on it. The spectator removes the card and written on it IS THE NAME OF HIS MENTALLY CHOSEN CARD! Looks impossible, yet easy to do. Re-typeset manuscript with Al Baker's improved instructions, illustrations, 5 pages.

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