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A friend, student, and confidante of Ed Marlo in Chicago and top-tier card men in New York in the 1940s, 50s, and 60s, Al Leech was a creative cardman with a knack for streamlining difficult-to-master classics, as well as creating new, entertaining plots that audiences enjoyed. Many of these became favorites of magicians like Daryl, Earl Nelson, and Frank Garcia to name a few. All Al Leech PDFs on this page are currently just $3 each!

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Handbook of Card Sleights
Handbook of Card Sleights $5.00 $3.00 PDF

Hands down, one of the best little references on essential card sleights! Rather than just describing the basic mechanics, Leech strives to really "teach" you how...

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Dont Look Now

Don't Look Now! $5.00 $3.00 PDF

A must-read for anyone who wants to entertain with card tricks or perform any other type of magic. Leech looks at the application of psychology to magic, the importance of misdirection and the ways it can be utilized, how best to fool people, why performers...

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Cardmanship - Leech
Cardmanship $5.00 $3.00 PDF

First published in 1959, Cardmanship offers 17 entertaining card effects, including: A Faulty Cut; The Lie Detector; The Spectator Does a Trick; Doubly Ambitious; Name Speller; The Double Count; A Sandwich Change; The Casino Trick; Ace, Three, Five...

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Card Man Stuff - Al Leech

Card Man Stuff $5.00 $3.00 PDF

Published in 1953, this was the sequel to Al Leech's popular "For Card Men Only." As with his first book, the author offers his own simplified versions of a number of well-known but technically demanding effects by such greats, as Ed Marlo, Bill Simon, Matt Schulien...

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For Card Men Only

For Card Men Only $5.00 $3.00 PDF

The name Al Leech needs no introduction in card magic circles. "For Card Men Only" was the prolific Chicago cardman's first book of card magic. It contains over a dozen visual card effects with easy to follow plots, yet with a definite climax...

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For Card Men Only

Manipulating with Leech $5.00 $3.00 PDF

In addition to 11 outstanding card effects, most of which are surprisingly easy to do; this booklet also features 9 additional, well-routined effects with coins and other small objects. Highlights include a Copper Silver Transpo...

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