Photograph of Al Koran Magician

Al Koran Magician and Mentalist

Brilliant Al Koran magic and mentalism effects. The photograph that Al Koran sent out in his promotional packet is pictured above.

Ultimate Koran Prediction Deck

Ultimate Al Koran Prediction Deck $7.00 PDF

Koran's Miracle Pack was his improved version of the famous Bagshawe Deck. It was one of the features of Al Koran's world renowned act. Now with a streamlined set-up and killer presentation...

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Koran Jackpot Coins

Al Koran's Jackpot Coins $6.00 PDF

The trick that fooled Einstein! Jackpot Coins was one of Al Koran's feature effects - a multiple prediction routine in which he and a spectator each took and concealed a handful of coins. Following that, Koran made three...

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Open Prediction - Six Solutions

Open Prediction - Six Solutions $7.00 PDF

Six nearly self-working methods for performing Paul Curry’s Open Prediction or a reasonable facsimile thereof. Material includes two Francis Haxton handlings, Al Koran's Five Star Miracle and 1-0-1 Deck...

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Koran Note Under Cup

Al Koran's Note Under Cup $6.00 PDF

Shortly after its release in 1951, Al Koran adapted Bob Hummer's Mathematical Three Card Monte to locate a crumpled up banknote secretly placed under one of three cups, which were then well mixed — all while the performer’s...

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Al Koran's Perfect Princess

Al Koran's Perfect Princess $3.00 PDF

With a powerful presentation, Al Koran's version of the Princess Card Trick literally stuns audiences - an effect where under seemingly impossible conditions, the mentalist reveals not just one thought of card...but TEN with uncanny accuracy! More than...

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Al Koran Linking Finger Rings

Al Koran Linking Finger Rings $7.00 PDF

A staggering Linking Finger Ring routine and it doesn't require an expensive Himber Ring! When Al Koran first performed this little miracle on television, it caused a sensation. Three men's finger rings are borrowed and in the fairest manner...

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Al Koran Lecture Notes

Al Koran Lecture Notes $7.00 $3.00 PDF

Koran's innovative and practical approach to both magic and mentalism continues to influence how we practice our art, even today. In this set of notes from his 1971 lecture tour, you'll learn about his early influences and why...

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