Al Koran Lecture Notes

Al Koran Lecture Notes

Author/Originator: Al Koran
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From his humble beginnings as a lad with "no shoes" from London's East End, Al Koran became one of the most successful mentalists of all time - performing his miracles for heads of state and royalty around the world with seven world tours; as well as on TV in England for a decade and a half. Koran's innovative and practical approach to both magic and mentalism continues to influence how we practice our art, even today. In this set of notes from his 1971 lecture tour, you'll learn about his early influences and why he made the transition from magician to mentalist. You'll also discover why Koran challenged conventional wisdom by sometimes mixing magic and mentalism, often with extraordinary results. Effects explained include The Trick that Fooled Einstein, Lazy Man's Card Trick, Koran's Classic Force technique and handling for the Top Change which you WILL use, tips on the Center Tear, Vernon's Slip Cut and Undercut, the Torn and Restored Cigarette Paper with patter (Koran held even large audiences spellbound with his presentation), The Princess Card Trick Plus, and more. Plus, tips on handling audiences and more. 20 pages.

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