Al Baker's Second Book

Al Baker's Second Book

Author/Originator: Al Baker
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18 brilliant magic and mentalism effects from one of the most influential magicians of the 20th century, Al Baker. Material in this second volume includes Gee!! - a 100% practical close-up deck vanish under a handkerchief, Another Four Ace Trick! - the four aces vanish from the deck and assemble with the selected ace previously placed in a clear tumbler (no gaffs and all may be examined), Al Baker's own Bill Switch (no thumb tip required), Sex Appeal - a borrowed lady's wedding band mysteriously moves across a table toward a gentleman's borrowed wedding band (all may be examined), Me and the Missus - your partner "as mindreader" accurately predicts the cards a number of people select in advance, the Novel Escape - an easy to build box escape for your assistant, plus design duplication, a diabolical billet peek method, a glass of water vanish, and much more. Completely re-typeset and re-formatted with large, high resolution Clayton Rawson illustrations. 28 pages.

Also available...Al Baker's First Book.

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