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Al Baker's Book

Author/Originator: Al Baker
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Now all but impossible to obtain, this is the first book of magic the legendary Al Baker ever released and it contains some of his very best magic and mentalism. These were Baker's most closely guarded secrets - honed into true gems over years of performances. Edited by Ted Annemann and beautifully illustrated by Clayton Rawson, Al Baker's Book features 16 thoughtfully-constructed routines with innovative methods that remain as practical today as when this book was first written. In fact, you could easily build an entire act from this book that will not only baffle today's audiences - it will blow them away! His timeless material includes Al Baker's Billet Mystery, his original and superior handling for the Unknotting Handkerchief which requires no reel or body attachments, The Pack That Cuts Itself (Baker's original Haunted Pack), The Impossible Card Discovery (Al Baker held this one in reserve for the press boys), The One Man "Lights Up" Seance (Al Baker's superior spirit rope tie), "Feel My Pulse" (a terrific "add a number" method where the spectator reveals the final sum), Al Baker's Rising Cards (the classic rising card trick from the old masters made practical for the club show magician, even today), "Say When?" - an "Attaboy" type card effect that uses an ungimmicked hat or cap instead of a prop, A Card and a Number (Al Baker's two deck opener where a selected card appears in the exact location given in a second deck held by another spectator), Another Rope is Cut - a highly deceptive cut and restored rope method, and much more. Completely re-typeset and re-formatted with large, high resolution illustrations. 29 pages.

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