Double Cross

Double Cross

Author/Originator: Charles Jordan/
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Double Cross is a seeming impossible double transposition without any sleights. No Elmsley Counts or Ascanio Spreads, just a simple, easy-to-construct gimmick that does all the work. Here's the effect: Two piles of four cards each are dealt from the pack onto the table. The first pile is clearly shown to consist of the four Aces, the second, the four Kings. Two cards from each pile are replaced on the pack, and the remaining four are placed together. It's hard to impress how fair the handling looks at every stage. Upon asking the identity of the four cards on the table, the audience replies, "Two Aces and two Kings." You say, "Watch" and cover the cards with a small, translucent silk or handkerchief. After making a magical gesture, the spectator removes the silk and turns up the four cards on the table. They are all Kings! You immediately deal the four Aces from the top of the pack! EVERYTHING MAY NOW BE EXAMINED! Our 5-page photo-illustrated manuscript covers everything you need to know, including how to correctly construct the diabolical and re-usable gimmick in minutes. Use your own cards and handkerchief.

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