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Conspiring to deceive with willing audience helpers! They're known by many names in magic...confederates, plants, shills, and of course, stooges. Over the years, many of the biggest names in magic have used accomplices from the audience - people who were willing to help the magician out and have some fun by fooling the rest of the audience - either by secret arrangement beforehand or pressed into service on-stage through cold cueing. In this basic guide, you’ll learn what type of person makes the best accomplice, how to get them to agree to help, and how to prepare them for volunteering and being on stage. In addition, you’ll also learn how cold cueing works - the process that converts genuine volunteers into willing co-conspirators. Plus, we've even included the Master Cut and Restored Necktie routine, Shirt Pulling instructions and other hilarious bits of business, Blackstone’s Wrist Watch Steal, George McAthy’s Wallet Steal, and more. 15 pages.

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