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While we're working hard to produce a line of top quality magic and mentalism print-on-demand publications with writing, photography and layouts that rival our "coffee table book publishing" counterparts, we have no illusions about the ultimate fate our humble books and manuscripts. We know in all likelihood they will end up drink stained or splattered, dog-eared, and sometimes if we're really lucky, highlighted with markers. Why? Because our publications are meant to be used by performers, like you, looking for good, solid material. If we succeed in fulfilling that aim, we're not too worried about a little spill here or there.

A VETERAN-OWNED BUSINESS currently publishes over 400 books and manuscripts - from great classics to innovative new releases; all of which are available by instant download in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Magic and mentalism which offers you both ease of performance and optimum audience impact. In short, it's material you'll actually use! Print-on-demand quality publications; fast, friendly, knowledgeable service; and low prices; have made a preferred online magic shopping destination for thousands of discerning magicians and mentalists worldwide, including some of the biggest names in the business. We hope you'll join them.

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