Bob Mason Stacked Deck

Cover image from "The Bob O-2-Matica Stack Toolkit."

Your New Secret Weapon...
Bob Mason's O-2-Matica Stack!

What is Bob Mason's O-2-Matica Stack?

Like the popular Si Stebbins Stack, the Bob Mason O-2-Matica Stack is based on a progressive or sequential card control system. This allows a magician to locate a freely selected card by using a simple mathematical formula.

Why is Bob Mason's Stack called O-2-Matica?

The full name of Bob Mason's Stack comes from a trick deck of cards he marketed to other magicians in the 1970s. It was called "The O-2-Matica Deck."

How are the Si Stebbins Stack and Bob Mason Stack different?

While both stacks use a math-based approach, the Bob Mason Stack features a more deceptive setup in terms of both card values and suit order.

Is the Bob Mason Stack hard to learn?

The Bob Mason Stack works much like the popular Si Stebbins Stack and is almost as easy to learn. Any magician currently using Si Stebbins should have no difficulty transitioning to the Bob Mason Stack. There is no tedious rote memorization or mnemonics required.

Do I need to learn sleight of hand to use the Bob Mason Stack?

While always helpful, the short answer is No. However, knowledge of false shuffles and cuts, and ways to switch a deck, are always helpful when performing card tricks with a stacked deck.

What card tricks can I do with the Bob Mason Stack?

You can use the Bob Mason Stack to perform many of the same tricks you might do with other stacked decks. These include prediction tricks, take-a-card tricks, coincidence effects, divination tricks, do-as-I-do tricks, the famous "think-a-card" trick, and more.

Will Bob Mason’s Stack fool other magicians?

Yes, the Bob Mason Stack will fool most other magicians since it looks more like a deck of cards in random order than other setups that use a math-based system.

Is Bob Mason's O-2-Matica Stack really old?

Although part of the mathematical system used by Bob Mason's stack dates to the late 16th and early 17th centuries, like Si Stebbins, the O-2-Matica Stack was first developed about 50 years ago by Bob Mason (born Robert Mason Stenner), a movie actor and professional magician.

How can I learn the Bob Mason O-2-Matica Stack?

While the O-2-Matica trick deck is no longer on the market, the innovative system was explained by Bob Mason in his self-published magic book, "Fantastic Magic," in 1977. In 2023, this booklet was republished as a PDF ebook by also publishes a new ebook on the stack, "The Bob Mason O-2-Matica Stack Toolkit," with 10 tricks, background information on the history of the card system, instructions on how to use it including tips and shortcuts, and printable artwork so you can set up your deck (in either of two suit variations).