50 Card Tricks

50 Card Tricks

Author/Originator: WF "Rufus" Steele
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I know you've heard it all before, "this trick is worth more than the price of the book." In Rufus Steele's "50 Card Tricks," this over-used cliche is true for several of the effects and clever methods you will find in this card magic compilation. Take (Senator) Clarke Crandall's Triple Divination - a three-phase routine where you reveal a "thought of" card each time. As each revelation is made, the effect grows more impressive and baffling. And get this...this commercial card magic gem is actually easy to do! Plus, if you like, you can perform any one of the three effects by itself. There are two Paul Rosini effects that are equally brilliant and will badly fool magicians and laymen alike. Simplicity Transposition is a very nice quickie where cards chosen by two different spectators change places in the deck. You get all this and much more. In addition to those already mentioned, contributors include: Dai Vernon, Ed Marlo, Arthur Buckley, Bert Allerton, Stuart Judah, Harry Blackstone, "Dorny," and many more. Over 50 pages of card magic with virtually no moves or sleights. Quality Trickshop.com edition, completely re-typeset.

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