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Impossible $3.00 PDF

Eddie Joseph's IMPOSSIBLE coincidence effect will astonish your audiences! From a borrowed, shuffled deck that you never touch, two spectators each select a card in a fair manner. The deck is then divided into two halves...

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The Simply Deceptive Card Magic of Joe Berg

The Simply Deceptive Card Magic of Joe Berg $6.00 $3.00 PDF

Joe Berg's mind boggling effects rely upon subtlety and artifice rather than difficult sleights. In this new compilation, we are pleased to bring you over 20 amazing tricks with pasteboards - card changes, transformations...

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Hit the Deck - FV Schoneck

Hit the Deck $5.00 $3.00 PDF

First published in 1944, F.V. Schoneck offers a dozen mysteries with unprepared cards, many based upon clever subtleties. Contents include: WINNING AT GIN RUMMY, HOLE CARD WILD, CARDS OF UNREST, DOUBLE DENOUEMENT, MENTAL REVERSE, INCREDIBLE PREDICTION...

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Card to Pocket Remix

Card to Pocket Remix $5.00 $3.00 PDF

Now you can repeat the Card to Pocket! You know the standard handling. A spectator thinks of a number and then counts down to that number in a shuffled deck and notes the card. Attempting to read his thoughts, you place the deck behind your back momentarily...

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Impromptu Card Routine

Impromptu Card Routine $3.00 PDF

A thoughtfully-constructed, six-phase card routine that can be performed with a borrowed deck. Each effect blends into and sets up the handling for the next. Plus, the entire routine builds from a simple card discovery to a very strong...

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Eddie Joseph - Jasonism Plus Astral Sense

Jasonism and Astral Sense $3.00 PDF

First published in 1947, Eddie Joseph's award-winning "JASONISM" is widely considered to be one of his greatest conceptions with cards. It was also one of his most closely held secrets for well over a decade. JASONISM is a divination...

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Collected Card Mysteries

Collected Card Mysteries $3.00 PDF

This outstanding collection includes 32 subtle card mysteries from the legendary Lu-Brent. Effects he performed under all types of conditions and ones that never failed to astound his audiences. Plus, almost all are based upon subtle...

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UF Grant Brilliant Card Magic

Grant's Brilliant Card Magic $5.00 $3.00 PDF

Over 50 Feats of Masterful Card Magic from U.F. Grant. For pure impact, novel ideas and clever methods, these can't be beat and none require any sleights! Contents include three subtle methods of controlling selected cards...

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Knave - Improved Three Jack Deal

Knave - Improved Three Jack Deal $5.00 $3.00 PDF

Prove to your audience that you're a dangerous man (or woman) with a deck of cards by repeatedly dealing three jacks into the same hand. To your audience, it looks like an undetectable Second Deal. You then move onto dealing...

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The Magic Spell

The Magic Spell $3.00 PDF

“The Magic Spell” created a sensation when Hen Fetsch first released it in 1947. Here's the incredible effect: Any person mentally selects ANY card and then names aloud his selection. The magician skillfully gives the deck a single...

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