16 Thumb Tie Gems magic ebook - Max Andrews

16 Thumb Tie Gems

Author/Originator: Max Andrews
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The Thumb Tie is one of those effects that packs small, yet is capable of entertaining the largest audience. It's also an effect that audiences enjoy! Over the years, the Thumb Tie has been featured by many of the greats, including Les Levante, Paul Rosini, Ten Ichi, Jay Marshall, and many others. At Trickshop, we are pleased to bring you a high quality, large format ebook edition of Max Andrews' classic manuscript on the subject. Originally published by Max Holden in the United States, Sixteen Thumb Tie Gems has been completely re-typeset and the images, like all Trickshop publications, are high resolution for true, print-on-demand quality. Why settle for less? We've even added E.G. Ervin's excellent and very easy thumb tie with first aid tape as a special bonus! 25 pages, nicely illustrated.

Contents include:

  • Foreword
  • History of the Thumb Tie
  • Presentation
  • Comedy Stunts
  • The Scissors Tie
  • The 'Steal' Method I
  • The 'Steal' Method II
  • The 'Steal' Method III
  • "EM-AY" Electric Flex Tie
  • "EM-AY" Pipe Cleaner Variation
  • The Tape Tie
  • The "La France" Tie
    • Method I
    • Method II (Victor Farelli and Max Andrews Variations)
  • The Gimmick Method
  • The "Osman" Thumb Tie
  • The "Ten Ichi" Thumb Tie
  • The "M.A." Bluff Tie
  • The Dunninger Tie
  • The Thumb Stocks
  • The Thumb Screws
  • Bonus: First Aid Tape Thumb Tie (E.G. Ervin)

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