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The Spy Deck


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The Spy Deck


Transform ANY standard Bicycle rider deck into a Spy Deck! The foolproof Spy Deck lets you secretly identify a freely selected card without sleights, complicated memory work, or mathematics. And yet, it looks and handles like a regular deck of cards in every respect. Show all of the cards different and then spread, fan, ribbon spread, or riffle the edge of the deck and allow someone to take ANY card and remember it. That's all it takes. You don't even need to see their card, nor hold a break or control the card. In fact, you never need touch any of the cards again, so you can even hand him the deck to return his own card and then give it a thorough shuffle. Once he's done, you can reveal the chosen card in whatever startling or dramatic manner you choose. Imagine the possibilities! What's more, you can use The Spy Deck without fear of detection. There are no duplicate cards, no repeating values or groups of cards or suit rotation, no rough smooth, no long-short or joined pairs, no daub or lip balm, etc. With our illustrated instructions in PDF format, you'll be able to make up your own Spy Deck in less than an hour from a standard Bicycle rider deck (none supplied) using just an inexpensive and readily available tool - a deck that will last for hundreds of mind-boggling performances!

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- Mr Paul Sharp, Past-President, Derby Magic Circle

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