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Burling Hull's Super Psychic Billet Switch


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Burling Hull's Super
Psychic Billet Switch

Author/Originator: Burling Hull

Hull's Super Psychic Billet Switch is a great way to force the choice (of a famous person, popular travel destination, color, card, number, etc.) for any prediction effect. The process looks completely fair...a spectator chooses one billet from many and simply drops it in a cup they can see is empty. When you're ready, you pour the billet into your hand. This billet is your force billet! We give you Burling Hull's original photo-illustrated instructions and method using a China tea cup; as well as an inexpensive contemporary product that works perfectly and can be used with any cup, including the paper one you probably had your coffee in this morning!


BONUS #1 - Volta's Miracle Newspaper Test
A young lady from the audience is blindfolded and handed a newspaper and pencil. She is asked to circle any spot on the newspaper she holds, then to remove the blindfold and concentrate on the words contained within the chosen area. From across the room, you are now able to reveal the words she is thinking of with uncanny accuracy. A brilliant and 100% practical methodology which can be applied to other effects.

BONUS #2 - An Unbelievable Prediction - Joe Berg
Five cards are freely selected from the deck and the spectator is asked to think of one. You write a prediction on a slip of paper and place it into your pocket. Next, you look at the cards and place one of those in your pocket as well. The remaining four cards are returned to the pack. The spectator now reveals his thought of card and discovers it is missing from the deck! The card and slip of paper are removed from your is the thought of card and the slip of paper bears its name!

BONUS #3 - Audley Walsh Dream Deck
A pack of cards is handed to any spectator who shuffles the pack and chooses a card, or simply takes a peek. Spectator again shuffles the pack and hands it to performer. Performer ascertains color of chosen card while running through the pack which he then places behind his back. Now, spectator announces name of the chosen card. The moment he names the card, the performer instantly produces it in a novel manner. The clever principle employed provides for the dramatic revelation of the chosen card in various ways, such as being "spelled out," being found reversed in the center of the pack, etc. Miraculous.

BONUS #4 - The X-Ray Eye Act
The performance of this of this effect always leaves a profound impression upon an audience. This is probably due to the fact that to the uninitiated, it borders on the supernatural. The effect as seen by the audience is as follows: The performer allows any member of the audience to seal his eyes with wads of cotton. This is held in place with pieces of surgical or adhesive tape. A bandage is now placed around the performer's eyes, on top of the cotton and adhesive tape. Impossible as it may appear, the performer demonstrates a number of tests which could only be performed by someone having normal use of their vision.

BONUS #5 - The Future Deck - Jack Vosburgh
To describe this effect as one would find it in most magical catalogues might be a bit presumptuous, for the reader will know the secret immediately after without the fun of sending to his dealer and waiting until the reply makes everything clear. Imagine, though, reading somewhere that the performer says he will write a prediction for one of his spectators. He hasn't paper handy so he jots down a few words upon the face of one of the cards from his deck. Then he tosses the written on card into the spectator's own hat, never to touch it again. The remainder of the deck is spread face down across the table or floor so that every one is exposed. The spectator points to any one, and this is a perfectly free choice. It is tossed into the hat with the other. The deck is squared up, the spectator himself may dump the cards from their place of safekeeping, and find that you have correctly written on one the identity of the other.

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