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Si Stebbins Unplugged

Top quality typeset edition. Read on any screen or print on demand. Licensed for personal use only. No resale or re-distribution.

Si Stebbins Unplugged

Author/Originator: Si Stebbins/Trickshop.com

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Unleash the potential of magic's most powerful card control system. While most magicians and mentalists are familiar with the Si Stebbins System, very few ever tap its true potential. In Si Stebbins Unplugged, you'll learn how to perform miracles with any deck - even if you're a newcomer to magic! Best of all, it will be a deck that you can use not just for one trick, but for an entire performance of entertaining, commercial card magic effects. And when you're done, the deck can be fully examined! Of how many other trick decks can the same be said?

Written for All Skill Levels
Whatever your current skill level - newcomer or expert - Si Stebbins Unplugged will show you how to add this powerful card magic weapon to your own arsenal. Clearly-written explanations and over 50 photographs detail every aspect of the system - from basic handling to innovative concepts and techniques designed to elevate your work into the miracle class. You will also be introduced to ideas that will make your handling cleaner and more efficient than ever before.

Perform awesome card magic without difficult sleights...

The Most Comprehensive Book Ever Written
on the Si Stebbins Deck Can Be Yours Right Now!

It's all here for a mere $6.95 by immediate PDF download. Keep in mind, nothing has been held back. In fact, never before has so much information on the Si Stebbins System been compiled into one comprehensive and affordable "how to" guide. Virtually no prior knowledge is assumed. All this, plus 16 entertaining effects. Si Stebbins Unplugged is a must-have resource for every magician and mentalist who performs with a deck of cards. Many of today's top pros utilize the Si Stebbins System in their card magic performances. Isn't it time you did, too? Clearly-written explanations and over 50 photographs detail every aspect of the Si Stebbins System. 52 pages.


"Indeed most magicians have touched on the system but few have mastered its many possibilities, and that's really where Unplugged comes in, clearly setting out the system, and then revealing its many uses...Anyone who has seen Pat Page work will have literally marveled at the speed in which he locates any named card, and the impact that it has on the audience. That's just one of the items that can be mastered - and it looks like real magic...Si Stebbins Unplugged like all TrickShop publications is very readable, it's also very well researched and full of excellent tips, methods and routines. This will become the book on the system in no time at all I'm sure - it truly lives up to its unplugged title. Top stuff."

- Mr Duncan Trillo, MagicWeek.com

"I have to tell how much I do like your e-book about the Si Stebbins System, the historical background, the basic handling is explained in detail and easily understood, and the many and diverse applications, even aids and preparations, and a lot of explanatory photos! A really comprehensive description of a specific subject. Thanks again!"

- Mr Reinhard Mueller, Inner Circle Card Magician,
Magic Scholar and Author, Germany

Also recommended..."How'd Ja Do That?" and Mahendra's "Amazing Card Miracles" with a prearranged (Si Stebbins) deck, and "S6 - Six Si Stebbins Stunners."

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