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Smart Comedy Series Volumes 1 - 4


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Smart Comedy Series Volumes 1 - 4


Smart Talk Volume 1
The first volume in George McAthy's "Smart" comedy series originally published by Tommy Windsor, this publication offers a wealth of solid material for the club magician. McAthy was one of the funniest magicians in the business for many years. Categories include Openings, Random Remarks, Closings, Classified Patter, Patter for Manipulation, Club Chatter, and much more. There are also several complete routines for certain standard effects, like the Egg Bag, Paper Tearing, etc. which can easily be adapted to other effects. As with many of the older comedy books, some of the lines will work "as is," while others require a bit of updating for contemporary audiences. That said, if you like good ol' tongue-in-cheek magic comedy, you are certain to find many lines you can use in your own shows. Plus, Mac's Pet Business - a very clever bit of business for the wallet steal which McAthy marketed separately for many years. If you get nothing else out of this book than this one item, you will have been repaid many times over. 41 pages, completely re-typeset.

Smart Business Volume 2
In the second volume of George McAthy's "Smart" comedy series, he offers you even more solid comedy material and bits of business, along with several tricks, including Fish Clippo, the Swing Load (bottle production from jacket), and Flower in Buttonhole - all with patter and explanations. Plus, a mind reading bit, an hypnotic stunt, and routines for standard effects, like the Arm Chopper, Vanishing Bird Cage, Match to Flower, Untying Handkerchief, Chinese Laundry Ticket and more. Keep in mind, many of these lines can be used for other effects, as well. Patter categories include: Casual Comment, Classified Cracks, Introductions, The Finish, and there's even a section and very funny running gag for M.C. work. Deluxe edition, 39 pages, completely re-typeset.

Smart Tricks Volume 3
If you work for real people, you'll find a wealth of comedy material in the third volume of George McAthy's "Smart" comedy series. Material includes includes Cute Quickies, Classified Comment, Assorted Asides, a Comedy Introduction, and loads of one liners, sight gags, routines and even tricks. Threading Life Savers gives you a version of the razor blade or needle trick you can use in your kid shows. There's also a very funny Dove Pan routine, a Shuffle Routine, a Livestock Case that doubles as a flash production for your rabbit or other small animal, a clever twist on the old Sucker Napkin Tear, the Cigarette Pack Tank, Scotchman's Match Trick, and much more. Plus, lots more gags and bits of business for emcee work. Following the same format as the other books in this series, you are certain to find several lines and bits of business that you can incorporate into your own show to get more laughs. Completely re-typeset, 44 pages, illustrated.

Smart Comedy Volume 4
The fourth and final volume of George McAthy's "Smart" comedy series. As with the first three volumes, this book contains more solid comedy material for magicians - from assorted lines and quips to routines for such classic props as the Change Bag, Die Box, Egg Bag, Torn and Restored Newspaper, Chinese Sticks, Untying Silk, Billiard Balls, and more. Plus, a Trouble Wit routine, more great sight gags, emcee lines, lines for jugglers, and more. And as with the first three, it's yours for a mere pittance. 48 pages, completely re-typeset, illustrated.

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