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Politrix - A Matter of Policy

Author/Originator: Ted Annemann

Heading into an election year, what better effect than one that pokes a bit of fun at partisan politics and leaves your audience laughing? Originally marketed by Max Holden, Annemann's "A Matter of Policy" is truly an effect that packs small, but plays big. You begin with 10 giant cards - five of the cards represent Republicans and five Democrats. The story goes that these cards represent office holders in Washington, or any town can be used. It was necessary to cut down on staff and so that everything is fair and no favoritism shown, every fifth card is counted out as the card that loses out. At the finish, there is a big laugh from the audience when they see it is all one party that kept their jobs! This effect is perfect for audiences in any country where there is a strong two-party political system; so in addition to Annemann's own instructions, we also supply an extra file with ready-to-print artwork for the US, UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, France and Germany. These can be printed to your letter-size or A4 printer. And if you don't want to use political symbols, you can even do the effect with red and blue playing cards!

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