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Matrix Coin Assembly


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Matrix Coin Assembly

Author/Originator: Al Schneider/

Four cards, four coins and pure magic. Four coins (US or Canadian quarters, UK 10-pence coins, etc.), placed in a square layout on your close-up pad and each covered with a playing card, assemble one at a time under the same card. The flight of each coin is amazing - the spectators actually see the coin vanish from one card and reappear under the other as you snap the cards. No gimmicks or extra coins are required. At the end, you are left completely clean and all may be examined. Our clearly written instructions with over two dozen large, clear photos make learning this professional sleight of hand routine a breeze. In fact, you'll probably pick it up with just a few hours practice.

NOTE: Use your own coins and cards.


"Al Schneider's ingenious Coin Matrix is given the TrickShop treatment in this, another fine publication in the series. There are 26 photos to take you through the routine one move at a time. Four coins placed in a square layout on your close-up mat are covered, one by one, with one of four playing cards, and one by one, they disappear and reappear until finally all four coins are found under the same card. Very visual and very clean - you're left with just four regular coins and four regular playing cards. Matrix takes you through the whole routine one step at a time in a nice clear fashion: 'What your audience should see' followed by 'What you are really doing' and includes photos from every angle where needed. This isn't a difficult routine to learn and once mastered you'll have a great piece of visual magic to use for life. That's it! Highly recommended and available as a printed version or right now as an instant download in Adobe Acrobat PDF eBook format."

- Mr Duncan Trillo,

"I downloaded Master the Matrix, and want you to know it's excellent! The text is extremely precise and easy to understand. The photographs are perfect, and exactly the ones needed to learn the routine effectively. It's a pleasure to read a magic effect ONCE, understand it, and not get totally lost!

- Mr Anthony Di Filippi, USA

"Wonderfully gratifying. A download that works instantly and infallibly every time. Great material from the past newly packaged and updated, and the updates seem wonderful. I am referring specifically to the photos on the Bill Switch. Nothing seen yet by me has come close to those step by step photos. The Matrix, ditto. Very impressive. And -- the price is more than right!"

- Martin J Kaplan, Ph.D.

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