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Card to Pocket Remix


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Card to Pocket Remix

Author/Originator: Charles Oswald Williams/

Now you can repeat the Card to Pocket! You know the standard handling. A spectator thinks of a number and then counts down to that number in a shuffled deck and notes the card. Attempting to read his thoughts, you place the deck behind your back momentarily and bring out a card; which you place in your pocket. The spectator now counts down to where their card should be and the card is missing. You reach into your pocket and produce their card. It's a killer effect and one that literally stuns audiences and builds reputations. It's also a tough act to follow. Well now you can. With Card to Pocket Remix, you can actually repeat the effect and this time, you place the card not in your own pocket, but the spectator's - leaving it back outward and in plain sight. Once more, the spectator counts down to find his or her card, and yes, once more, it's missing. Anyone now removes the card from the spectator's pocket and turns it around - IT IS THE SPECTATOR'S CARD! It's a finish as strong and direct as the original effect and it's actually easy to do! Our new 5-page manuscript walks you step-by-step through both the original and repeat handling. If you buy only one card trick ebook this week, this month, or this year - make it the Card to Pocket Remix!

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