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Devil Dollar


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Devil Dollar

Author/Originator: Sam Berland

When it comes to getting your audience's attention and holding it, there are precious few effects in magic stronger or more compelling than the act of apparently destroying someone else's hard-earned money. And without a doubt, Berland's Devil Dollar remains one of the best and most convincing methods for the apparent burning of a signed borrowed bill. What's more, you can set up the effect to work with virtually any denomination US bill or international currency note. Here's the effect. A bill is borrowed from anyone in the audience. The owner of the bill signs or otherwise marks it, so he will be able to identify it is the same bill later. Next, the bill is folded and placed inside of an envelope - not just an ordinary envelope, but a window envelope. The kind of envelope used to mail invoices and statements, as well as to return bill payments. By placing the bill in this envelope, the audience can see the bill through the clear, glassine window right up until the moment the envelope is destroyed by setting it ablaze. As a result, they are completely convinced the spectator's bill has been destroyed and astonished when the original marked bill is later produced from a cigarette, cigar, lemon, sealed envelope inside of a wallet, etc.

Remember these key points...

  • No real money is ever destroyed
  • The envelope is shown to be empty before the borrowed bill is placed inside
  • The audience sees the bill inside the envelope up until the moment it is consumed by flames
  • The envelope is easily constructed in about a minute and the materials are inexpensive
  • Devil Dollar can be set up to work with any denomination bill or international "currency note"
  • It's easy to do

You're going to love just how clever this one is! In this new eManuscript from, we walk you step-by-step through the fast, easy preparation and handling. There are also tips on magically reproducing the bill after it is burned, as well as a special BONUS EFFECT - The Devil Whispers; a billet reading technique. Photo-illustrated eManuscript in Acrobat PDF format. 8 pages.

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